What Every Successful Business Owner Knows That You Don’t

by Bill McBean

Do you know that all successful business owners use the same basic operating model regardless of the industry they’re in?

Do you know what this operating model looks like?

If you don’t know what this model is, how can you expect to succeed or maximize your success?

Being a successful business owner means more than knowing one’s industry and understanding the basic concepts of leadership, management, or motivation. It means being able to master many areas of business, and knowing how each of these areas relate to and build on each other.

The Facts of Business Life presents the seven facts that every successful business owner knows, including:

• If You Don’t Lead, No One Will Follow
• If You Don’t Control It, You Don’t Own It
• Protecting Your Company’s Assets Should Be Your First Priority
• Planning Is About Preparing for the Future, Not Predicting It
• If You Don’t Market Your Business, You Won’t Have One
• The Marketplace Is a War Zone
• You Don’t Just Have to Know the Business You’re In, You Have to Know Business

Devoting one chapter to each Fact, the book explains what it is, what it means, and, most important, how it can help entrepreneurs achieve success and stay away from potentially harmful mistakes. Read more >>