Winner of the Small Business Trends 2013 Small Business Book Award for Leadership

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In his more than four decades of business ownership experience, Bill McBean has not only learned the facts of business life and how to implement them but also how they interact and build on each other to help establish and maintain a strong, successful business.

Among the individual presentations Bill makes are:

  • The Facts of Business Life: What You Need to Know to Succeed
  • Understanding the Business Life Cycle
  • The Owner’s Role in Creating Success
  • The Business War Zone and How it Kills the Unprepared
  • What Opportunity Looks Like and How to Seize It
  • Why Developing Effective Processes and Control is the Road to Success
  • The X Factor: The Owner’s Willingness to Compete
  • The Exit Plan and Why It’s the Most Important Plan an Owner Makes
  • Buying and Selling a Business: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Creating Your Company’s DNA—or Culture—and Why It’s So Important
  • Making the Inevitable Mistakes and How You Can Learn from Them
  • The Success Equation: Creating Your Product, Attracting Customers, and Keeping Them
As a natural-born mentor, and a plain, straight-talking speaker, he loves to share what he’s learned with other businesspeople, and he does it with both humor and entertaining stories.

In addition to these subjects, Bill can and will customize his presentations in order to meet the needs of a particular audience. For more information about having him speak to your company or organization, please contact Bill here.

Understanding as he does the basic operating model that all successful businesspeople use, and the life cycle that every successful business goes through, he shows his audiences how they can understand, as well as efficiently and effectively implement, the facts of business life in order to lead, control, market, compete, operate, and, when the time comes, even exit a business.

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Drawing on his own experience, as well as that of other successful—and not so successful—entrepreneurs, Bill discusses the basic operating model in light of the realities of the marketplace, and shows listeners how knowing The Facts of Business Life and understanding the business lifecycle can help them on a day-to-day basis to create, build, and maintain their businesses.

Ultimately, Bill provides his audiences with a different perspective on operating a business in today’s extraordinarily competitive and changing environment. And as a result, successful business owners, as well as new entrepreneurs, come away from his presentations with a new understanding of what business is really about in the twenty-first century and what they have to do to not only survive but flourish.

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